The strongest baseball wood bat.


“Wood Strength” as defined by Bear Valley Bats for baseball bats is what is commonly known as “Impact Strength.” We differentiate “Wood Strength” from “Wood Hardness,” (as should all makers and consumers of baseball bats) in that “hardness” is the rating of the surface resistance to indentation using the Janka Test. 

Eco friendly wood baseball bat.

Over the last few years Southbat has been working to bring the best quality Guayaibi wood bats to the market.  However, that hasn’t been our only only goal.  We also have been working with experts in Argentina and within the local government entities in the Argentinean forests to become and remain environmentally sustainable.  This includes finding new ways to minimize our carbon footprint, while accounting for environmental considerations within our financial projections.

World Baseball and Softball Confederation

"At the end of his playing career, Leslie Mann didn't feel at home in the world of professional baseball. He wanted to chase his Olympic dream and make the game international. After he met the delegates of 21 countries at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, the International Baseball Federation was born." -