Demo Program

We are filled with requests to demo a Guayaibi Wood Southbat by people all over the world daily! We totally understand that before making a decision to buy a top-notch premium Guayaibi Wood bat or joining the most amazing club on earth, the All-Year Slug Club, you want to get a real feel of what our woodies feel like.

We don’t blame you and we are so convinced that you will fall in love that we decided to do something about it. Something pretty freakin revolutionary just like our bats.


What You Get:

  • A pro-grade Guayaibi wood bat for just $50!!! Yes, it sounds insane and that’s way over 50% OFF for many of our models, but we know you’ll be obsessed. (See details for available models)

Do you get to keep it?

  • YES! If you like the demo, you get to keep it!

What if you don’t like it?

  • No problem, send it back to us and we will refund your $50. (See details for easy refund process). Only one demo bat per person allowed. If the same person decides to purchase more than one demo bat, only one can be returned.

Why Charge for a Demo?

  • If you see us at a tourney, you can demo with us for free, but this is the only way for us to ensure bats will not be stolen.

You Qualify for the Demo Program If:

  • You have never before purchased a Southbat and you have a US shipping address. Only one demo bat per person allowed. If the same person happens to purchase more than one, only one can be returned.



Bat Model:  You can choose your size.  We will send you the model and color based on demo availability.  You may get a brand-new bat to demo or a used bat to demo.  This also depends on availability.  Either way, you’re getting a pro-grade wood bat.

Refund:  If you don’t like it you need to contact us within 5 days of the day you received the bat.  Simply give us your feedback of what you didn’t like and ship it back to us.  As soon as we receive the bat, we will refund your $50.  You will be responsible for any shipping costs.

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