World Baseball and Softball Confederation

"At the end of his playing career, Leslie Mann didn't feel at home in the world of professional baseball. He wanted to chase his Olympic dream and make the game international. After he met the delegates of 21 countries at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, the International Baseball Federation was born." -

It wasn't until 2006 that the first ever World Baseball Classic was played.  There were many challenges along the way and several different international associations that needed to come together in agreement such as the FEMBA (Federacion Mundial de Beisbol Amateur) , FIBA (Federacion Internacional de Beisbol),  & (AINBA (Associasion Beisbol Amateur) before WBSC put on the first World Baseball Classic.

Today, WBSC has its own regulations and procedures regarding the approval of wood baseball bats. 

Guayaibi wood and Southbat were first approved by WBSC in 2012 and more recently received a renewed approval letter by the organization sent directly to our president (See letter below). 

Several South and Central American teams that participated in the 2013 World Baseball Classic used Southbat's Guayaibi wood in official game play.

Contact to find out more about our wood and wood bat approval processes.