Stay in Baseball Shape During the Summer: 10 Great Summer Wood Bat Leagues & Tournaments

Summer is in full effect for 2017 and now is the time to get in on some action. Our favorite pastime is bound to offer excitement, competition and hours of fun. There are tons of summer baseball tourneys and leagues every summer and we're just here to give you a few ideas whether you're getting in on the action or just spectating.

This list of summer baseball tourneys & leagues is designed for people of all ages. No more wasting your days around the house. The play is non-professional & the level of talent is fairly even while being totally designed for "up & comers." Here's a look at some great leagues and tournaments across the nation.

Summer Baseball Leagues

1. California Collegiate League is funded by the MLB, and it's the very first wood bat league in the nation. CCL is for individuals who have serious game as it consists of 14 teams, hosts a north vs south all-star game and players only use wood bats. For more information visit

2. Prospect League is the "Northern Great Lake's" league from Illinois to Pennsylvania. It has some of the hottest collegiate talent that play up to 60 games. Being so affordable, family and friends will receive hours of hardball fun. The games are played in top notch venues and plenty of MLB scouts are present. Phone (618) 559 1343 or click


3. Cotton States Baseball League is a six team, wooden bat and pro-style league. With only six teams, all games are held at one location on US 78 of New Albany, MS. Between June and July, there will be up to 22 games in the hot summer sun. Cotton States also has a Jr. High and High School summer league. Check out

4. Sunbelt Baseball League is located in the Atlanta Metro Area and it's for dedicated young talent. Talent from up to 100 universities are on display, which takes place at Norcross High, Veterans Field, Georgia Gwinnette College and more. The July schedule is full so for information.

5. Horizon Air Summer Series located in Marysville, California, gives you summer season long competition from top college players. This is total family fun with great food, drinks and excitement at Appeal-Democrat Park. Players from all over the "Golden State" partake from the numerous teams/divisions. Call (530) 741 3600 or

Youth Baseball Tournaments

6. Cooperstown Baseball World is the pinnacle of youth baseball as it's more of a camp that hosts great baseball action. Registration/fees are required, but (CBW) gives your child ways of stepping up his/her game. Ages range from 12 to 16 years old, 12 teams, eight games and a scouts tryout. For more information click


7.    Attleboro Youth Baseball is designed for kids with special needs. This little league division is for boys/girls and its age ranges from five to 12 years old. Tournament dates are between July 8th/9th & between July 15th/16th in Attleboro, MA. Click http://www.attleboroyouth

8.    ITZ Tournaments of Parsippany, New Jersey, is hosting its celebrated 15/16U baseball tournament during July 14th - 16th. Family fun, numerous games, trophies, food and competition's on the menu. Surrounding towns are invited. Call (973) 598 9887 or click

9.    Summer Slugfest is one of the top summer baseball tournaments. Located in Georgetown, Delaware, (SS) offers multiple age groups, 16 fields, trophies, medals and live streaming.

10. Texas Baseball Tournaments is hosting its 18/U college series, and its 14-15-16/U prep series at numerous locations in San Antonio, Ft. Worth and Dallas. Wooden and metal bats are allowed, but the date is TBD. Keep track at