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Hit Better! 

Better Wood makes for Better Bats meaning a Better Feel which leads to your BEST SWING!

All SouthBat Youth PRO are 1-piece solid wood with NO composite materials and turned by master craftsmen in the sub-tropical forest on site where the trees grow.

SouthBat Youth PRO vary in weight drop depending on the model from -3 to -7 oz.

Southbat youth players testimonial. 

Southbat Youth Bats: Parents Testimonial. 


All Southbat wood bats are USA Baseball approved for the NEW 2018 Bat Standard! 

More info on 2018 Bat Standard HERE


Youth Pro Model SB-BB "Youth BIG Barrel"
69.00 89.00

This is our best selling Youth Pro bat. Made with strong and durable Guayaibi wood, we were able to achieve a -7 oz. weight drop by creating a deeper cup. This bat’s barrel resembles the barrel of an aluminum bat, increasing its sweet spot and allowing a young player to enjoy practicing with wood. Every player that swings an aluminum bat in youth sizes automatically falls in love with the SB-BB.  Coaches love to train their young players with this revolutionary Guayaibi wood Big Barrel and many players are making the permanent switch to this amazing bat. 

Available Lengths 29”, 30”, 31”

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Youth Pro Little League | SB-LL
59.00 79.00

This is the Little League version of the Youth Pro Big Barrel. In order to abide by Little League regulations we reduced the barrel size to 2 1/4” and came up with the SB-LL. Because of the barrel size reduction we were able to achieve a weight drop of -9oz on this model! This weight drop is unheard of on a solid wood bat.

A wood bat allows players to perfect their swing in practice so that when they go back to the metal, composite, or BBCOR bat in games, they hit the ballmore accurately and with maximum power as they learn to hone in on the sweet spot (which is smaller on a wood bat).  

Training with a wood bat builds up bat speed.  Right after the transition a player will get to the zone quicker and the ball comes off the bat a lot faster!

This is ULTIMATE Little League and Youth training bat!

Available Lengths 29”, 30”, 31”

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