Batting Practice & Why You Should Be Practicing with a Wood Bat

In the world of sports, practice makes perfect. This is an old quote, but if you really think about it, it makes perfect sense. Any player can possess all the natural talent in the world, but if he/she doesn't work on their craft, that talent will surely plateau. Our sport of baseball is no exception and to be a better player, you gotta hit that BP like there's no tomorrow!

Every great current and past legend started out as an amateur. Whether it's pitching a 95 mph fastball or hitting long homers, every player had to work on their power, speed and technique.

How Batting Practice Makes You a Better Hitter

To swing or not to swing, that is the question and batting practice was built off this notion. Why? Batting practice is the best place for a player to master his mechanics and timing. Unlike being in a live game, batting practice allows you unlimited opportunities to swing the bat. The mechanics of hitting a baseball looks easy, but it is far from simple especially when the ball's coming straight at you at such high speeds. These are simulated hitting conditions whether it's with an actual person, or with a machine.

Are you a power hitter? Are you a (number 3) hitter? These questions are very important. Batting practice fine tunes your mind and motion. Players can experiment with different swinging motions until he finds the perfect stroke. Efficiency is key and batting practice personifies this best.

Bat Practice 2.png

Three Basic Types of Batting Practice

Batting practice is all about repetition. Once you're honest with yourself and figure out what type of player you are, there are numerous options to enhance your style. Similar to Wayne Gretzky's saying, "you'll miss 100 percent of the swings you never take." Check out the methods below.

  1. Batting with a live pitcher: Gives you numerous swings at numerous speeds, and from numerous pitching styles.
  2. Machine Batting: Allows you to focus on the swing and stance of hitting the ball correctly.
  3. Soft Toss: Allows you to swing from an "arc," which teaches you to time your load.

Each and every one of these methods have been used by many professional players. Batting practice is more mental than physical. In game time situations, it's strictly a cat & mouse game. This is why practice is so important as it will expose you to numerous pitching styles. Check out Baseball Positive for more batting practice ideas.

Better Players Practice with a Wood Bat

Another great thing about batting practice is that it gives you the opportunity to use a wood bat. Some of you may be cringing right about now, but any real ball player knows that a wood bat is the "holy grail" and the essence of baseball.

To be honest, wood bats hurt, but it teaches you how to correctly hit the ball. It's a love/hate relationship, which can leave your hand stinging like bees. Since metal bats are more forgiving, wood bats keep you mechanically sound. Wood bats' increased barrel weight improves your power and speed. With a smaller sweet spot, you'll be forced to use better overall technique by keeping your hands inside, your weight back and extending the arms fully through the ball.

Practice practice is the key to success and if you don't use it, you'll surely lose it. Now's the time to get on the field and put in some work! In the meantime, take your game to the next level and try out Southbat's Guayaibi Wood bats. Models available: Adult Pro, Youth Pro, and world famous Fungos!