Reasons To Play or Not To Play Fall Baseball

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The game of baseball has grown into a global sport. Some of the most dedicated fans can be found in baseball as well as dedicated athletes! On the surface, baseball isn't as physical as some of the other sports like football and basketball, but if you dive deeper into what the athletes have to do and how the game is played, you'll get a better understanding to how physically demanding the game actually is.

What Is Fall Baseball?

To make this as simple as possible, the name Fall Baseball, is the epitome of its meaning. Fall baseball mainly starts when the season of Autumn comes around. With so many different leagues and tournaments, playing baseball around this time of the year can begin in September for some or October for others. It really depends on your current location. There are literally hundreds of Fall baseball league programs. This can include little league, collegiate, the minor league and the MLB. During this time, teams can play anywhere between 10 to 20 games.

Popular Fall Baseball Leagues

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When it comes to playing Fall Ball, there are numerous leagues to choose from as well as popular baseball leagues. The Arizona Fall League was designed for MLB off-season play. Opening day is on October 10, and it is governed, monitored, and it offers two divisions. The BN High School Fall league is one of the most popular high school Fall leagues in the country. It starts in September, and it has some of the best talent in Texas. Games are played at numerous venues throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth region. The Scout Stop Select League is the state of Minnesota's most premier fall league. Its five-week schedule starts on September 9, and it offers competitive youth play, 10 games and a World Series Format.

Who Should NOT Be Playing Fall Baseball

The fall baseball season has its perks, but it also has its disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages comes in the form of over-training. Unlike other sports, baseball players tend have chronic issues rather than acute. The seasons are long as well as the game play and this can take a toll on your body. Here's a closure look at who should tone down their baseball in the Fall:

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  • Baseball players who play more than one sport should sit out the fall season.

  • Pitchers who have thrown for more than 100 innings.

  • Players who are suffering from lagging/chronic physical issues.

  • Players who are suffering from extreme fatigue.

  • Young athletes whose bodies can't recover from long regular season play.

Though baseball it not considered to be a contact sport, the negative affects on the body can match that of other contact sports.

Who SHOULD be Playing Fall Baseball

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Fall baseball can definitely be beneficial if it's done correctly. During this time, players can work on developing strength as well as the basic fundamentals. This is also a great time to use wooden baseball bats. An extended fall season shouldn't be focused on competitive play, but rather for honing in on your skills.

Some of the advantages are that the players get increased game reps. Throwing in bullpens and using the batting cage helps sharpen your skills. Players can improve in numerous areas such as catching fly-balls, ground balls and perfecting the swing. The fall season is also great for getting in the gym and developing strength.

If done correctly, the fall season can drastically help players improve their game overall. This (pre/post-season) type of work will surely show during the competitive regular season.


Fall Baseball is the Perfect Chance to Practice with a Wood Bat

Fall baseball is definitely the chance to hone in your batting skills.  In the end repetitions teach muscle memory and improve your batting no matter what.  Practicing with a wood bat will always give you better feedback.  When you miss the sweet spot you’re gonna feel that pain baby!  And of course, you’re always going to get a little less power from wood so you need to work harder to hit that ball over the fence.  After practicing with a wood bat during all Fall you’ll get back into your regular game and absolutely crush your old aluminum bat!

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