Helping Kids in Need Through Baseball - The Miguel Cabrera Foundation & Southbat

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We all know Miguel Cabrera for his baseball homeruns and records.  The native Venezuelan has made a name for himself in Major League Baseball as a two-time American League (AL) Most Valuable Player (MVP) award winner, a four-time AL batting champion, and an 11-time MLB All-Star.  he even claimed the 17th MLB Triple Crown in 2012.

Besides being on his way to the Hall of Fame one day, he’s a man with a big heart.  The same year he claimed the Triple Crown he formed the “Fundacion Miguel Cabrera.”  In his own words he created the foundation “ give hope and fulfill the dreams of children and families through this beautiful sport."

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Miggy Ball – Teaching the Values of Baseball to Low-Income Children

Through the foundation he created a series of youth baseball events called Miggy Ball.

Miggy Ball Mini is aimed at children from 5 to 9 years old who through the five execution tools can demonstrate their potential and future skills. Children are trained and taught by several well-trained coaches. Then, through a circuit, they demonstrate their skills in the execution of the five tools of baseball (power, contact, fielding, arm strength and speed).  Commitment, respect and perseverance are highlighted through all Miggy Ball events and instilled in these children’s’ hearts as they participate in these unforgettable events.

In addition to this they receive sports equipment, prizes and promotional material of the event.


Buy A Bat & Help a Child in Need

This year Southbat has been proud to take part of the Miggy Ball events.  Being there side by side with Miguel giving away Youth Bats to kids that participate.

Southbat decided to go bigger than just supporting Miggy Ball events and has made an even bigger commitment to the Miguel Cabrera foundation by donating youth bats to children in need when Southbats are purchased on our website.


Be a part of this amazing organization with us and support the Cabrera Foundation in helping kids fulfill their baseball dreams.